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Spuffy Fanfiction

Fic: A Twisted Perspective

Spuffy Fanfiction

Fic: A Twisted Perspective

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Title: A Twisted Perspective
S/B (obviously), a background S/Dru, Angelus/Darla
PG-13 so far
Rose-tinted view on a bloody world. All the violence is pretty much... sugar coated, and you'll see why.
Summary: In a world where Angelus never lost his soul, he and his three family members are on a massacre. They find a baby, which Drusilla insists on keeping with them. What better way to keep safe from the slayer than to raise her?
I don't own anything to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as you all should know. No ownage, I claim nothing.


Angelus strolled down the streets of Los Angeles at night, Darla, Drusilla, and Spike with him. They were picking off people as they went, screams and fire everywhere. It was like old days. They had already killed off the police.

He paused at the scent of fear and salty tears, looking to his left. He saw a woman and a man, huddled together. A little baby was in her arms, somehow sleeping through everything. He licked his lips, approaching them. The woman held the baby closer.


Angelus growled in annoyance, the family making horrified sounds. “What, Dru?”

“Don’t kill the baby.”

There was most definitely something wrong with this picture. “Why? Are you going soft on me?”

Drusilla strolled past him, kneeling before the lady. “What’s the lamb’s name?”

“E-Elizabeth Anne Summers.”

Angelus watched as Drusilla took the baby from the lady, cradling it. “Daddy will kill you. The lamb will become strong like a lion.”

And then the strangest thing happened. “Thank you.”

Had the woman just said thank you? When he was going to kill them?

“You can kill me. Just take care of Elizabeth.”

The woman didn’t even scream as she was drained, an expression of worry on her face. The man had screamed, and had been screaming for a while. When the two bodies were limp and lifeless, he turned to his childe. She was cooing to the baby, whispering to it about its future. “Dru. Mind telling me why you saved that child?”

Drusilla didn’t even look up. “The stars speak of her power. She will be a mighty slayer if left to live.”

“So we should kill her.” He had really hoped for a sensible excuse. “Spike! Get over here!”

The bleach blond obediently came, though he looked annoyed. “What?” He shot a quick glance at the baby. “Oh, that. See, Dru’s had this interesting idea. Every time a slayer’s killed, a new one rises, yeah? So, what if we raise this one n’ kill the current one? We’d have the slayer on our side, and no other slayers to try n’ stop us. Bloody brilliant, if I say so myself.”

“But she’s an infant. I refuse to raise a human baby,” Angelus insisted. What was wrong with his lineage? A hand was gently laid on his arm, and he realized he had been tense.

“Angelus, love,” said Darla, and he found himself calming down. Her voice had that effect on him, if only because she was his sire. “They have a point. Imagine what we could get away with if we have a slayer on our side. We would one up the watcher’s council.”

And how appetizing that was. For the last hundred years, the watchers had been sending slayers after them. It really made it hard to live in any place, or cause a massacre.

So, grudgingly, he gave, “Fine, we can keep her. But I’m not changing any diapers, or getting her food.”

“I think she’s too small,” Spike announced. “I’ll train her up right and good.”

“No. We’ll keep her weak,” Angelus said. Why him? Why couldn’t he have a family of smart master vampires?

Darla was the one to negate him once more. “Think about it. We’ll make her think that vampires are wonderful creatures. Vampires will be after her, so we have to train her well. I will not have a weakling in my family. And she’ll be our link to the daylight.”

“She could turn on us.”

“Her only family? I don’t think so,” said Darla. “This is what we’ll tell her. We were creating a massacre, but saw how special she was. We decided to keep her.”

Spike, the creative vampire that he was, eagerly added, “Killing is fine, because we’re keeping the world from becoming over populated. Then we can explain how we’re like lions. Y’ know, how they eat other animals and stuff? I’ll train her right and good, I will.”

“I’ll train her,” Angelus insisted.

“We’ll all bloody well teach her something,” Spike said, arms crossed. “But I want a turn too.”

Darla walked up to Drusilla, taking the baby in her arms. “What should we change her name to? Elizabeth is way too common for our little slayer.”

“She should get to pick her name,” Spike said. “’sides, Dru never changed her name. Always been Drusilla.”

“It’s always been original,” said Angelus. “We should just name her something foolish.”

“Buffy.” All eyes flew to Drusilla. “The stars call her Buffy Anne.”

Silence, aside from screaming.

“Buffy?” Spike repeated, snickering. “What kind of stupid name is that?”


Drusilla held four year old Buffy’s hand, walking her threw the slaughtered city. Buffy, with big emerald eyes and flowing blond hair, took everything in. She stopped before a fallen body, poking it. “Sleeping?”

“Forever asleep,” Drusilla answered, kneeling down beside the child. “Daddy gave her to the stars.”

Little Buffy looked up into the sky, the black expanse speckled with glowing dots. She tried to figure out which star the person had gone to. She thought it was cool, becoming a star. Watching over everyone. Supposedly her human mommy and daddy were up there. “Stars are pretty.”

Drusilla dipped her finger in the pool of blood around the man, wiping it on Buffy’s forehead. “You’re connected to the stars now,” she explained. Buffy giggled, dipping her hand in the blood and pressing it to Drusilla’s dress.

“Stop encouraging her to ruin your dresses, Dru.” Spike knelt down as well. “Hey, Buffy. How you doing?” If he were to be honest, he was growing attached to her. And he adored her love for battle and blood.

She lifted a bloodied finger to her mouth, sucking the blood off, removing her finger with a ‘pop’ sound. “Salty, tastes like coins,” she announced.

Spike laughed, ruffling her hair. “What’d I say about trying money? They’ll bloody well get you sick.”

Buffy looked at the man, then at Spike. “He’s in the stars?”

“That’s right, love. Free and bright and pretty, just like you.” He scooped her up into his arms, and she squealed with glee. “A ride for the princess, yeah?”



“And we’re back in L.A,” Angeles said, annoyed. “I won’t send her to school. I refuse.”

“She’ll be the stupidest human in history,” Darla insisted. “I won’t have a retarded daughter.”

“Drusilla’s been doing a fine job teaching her.” Somehow, Drusilla had gotten Buffy to see the world through a tinted, rose-colored glass, even with all the bloodshed in her life. “She doesn’t need to learn math or English. They’ll turn her against us. She’ll like them better.”

Darla sighed. “Alright, dear. We’ll home school her until she’s a bit older. But we’re going to teach her so she’s the brightest of all children.”

“Right. So she only goes to school when we know she’s attached to us?”



“More force, love.”

Six year old Buffy held a metal sword in one hand that was unable to cut. Spike also had one that wasn’t able to cut. He was trying to teach her fencing. “Like dancing, you see. Just gotta get the right momentum, the right formation. Right form.”

“I thought you were teaching her math and spelling,” Angelus said, watching from the side lines.

Spike quickly straightened, taking the sword from Buffy. “We were. Buffy, five times five?”

“Twenty five,” she answered, happily.

“Spell vampire.”





“Have you taught her to spell anything not related to death?” Angelus demanded. “She needs to learn a lot of words. And can she write her letters?” In the end, he had become the most determined to educate Buffy.

“I can spell starlight,” Buffy informed, proudly spelling, “S-t-a-r-l-i-g-h-t. Dru taught me.”

“What else did Dru teach you?”

“How to read the stars,” Spike informed. “Trying to teach her all sorts of strange things. Takes care of Buffy’s need for imagination and fun and games.”


Buffy, now ten, walked down the bloody streets. She knelt before a whimpering man. “Hello, sir!” He merely cowered. She looked up at Spike. “He’s sick. Give him to the stars.”

“Alright, baby girl,” Spike said, grabbing the guy by the scruff of his neck, pulling him to his feet, and biting in.

Buffy watched with interest. She always found it neat how they would make so many strange sounds, bodies moving like a fish on a hook. It looked a bit painful, but she knew that the stars would comfort them. Drusilla had said so.

The man fell to the ground, lifeless. Buffy looked into the sightless, glassy brown eyes. “He’s not in there anymore?”

“No, Buffy, he’s not. He’s up there.”

Buffy nodded, looking up at the night sky. She loved the night. It was so beautiful.


Buffy was fourteen years old, and decently filled out. She walked with Spike at night, munching on a bar of chocolate. They were currently in New York. Spike said he was going to give her power tonight. She looked up at him, swinging their connected hands. “Hey, Spike?”

“Yes, Princess?”

She grinned. She loved it when he called her that. “How are you going to give me power? Will I get to be like you and Daddy, and Mummy, and Drusilla?”

“Maybe when you get older,” he answered. “You’ll be a right strong human. See, I’ve gotta send this woman to the stars. She’ll be an excellent fighter.”

“I’m an excellent fighter,” Buffy said, pouting.

“That you are, love.” And he wasn’t lying. She could defeat a careless Master vampire, if she were to try. They had trained her with demons, with enemy vampires. Spike had taught her how to fight and was in charge of her schooling. Angelus had taught her how to hunt. Darla had taught her how to manipulate men and be a woman (though Angelus ate any man who touched the girl he now considered his daughter, even if he wouldn’t admit it). Drusilla had taught Buffy everything else under the sun, and kept her on their side.

“Why will I get power if she goes to the stars?”

“You’re destined to be a slayer, remember? Some old men decided that they needed someone to kill us vampires and demons. They don’t know that they go to the stars.”

“That’s sad,” Buffy agreed. “So, I get her power?”

“You’ve got it.”

She stopped, looking up at him. “Lemme see your demon face.”

He smirked. She had been raised with them constantly eating people and being in their demon visage, thus feeling right at home when she saw them like that. “You sure? Not scared?”

“Never!” She grinned. Somehow, he could always bring some form of a smile to her face. “Show me.”

“Alright, you asked for it.” And he changed, lunging at her neck. She giggled as he merely placed a light kiss. “You don’t scare me, Spike. I know you won’t hurt me.”

He wrapped her up in a tight, affectionate embrace, changing back to his human face. “Should still block me. Good practice. Some vampires would be right happy to send you to the stars. You’re way too special for that, Princess.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

She looked up into his bright blue eyes, always so beautiful. “I love you, Spike.”

“Love you too.” He brushed a chaste kiss across her lips. She was too young for anything serious. Angelus had emphasized on that. So far, she had turned down any of Angelus’ advances, saying something about not wanting to be like that with her daddy. Angelus was annoyed, and Spike was amused. So, without words, it had been decided that Spike would have her. She saw him as a best friend and playmate, even if she labeled him as brother. Also, Angelus had failed to tone down his come on’s. He had had a bit of work to do to get Buffy to stop glaring at him, even though he had merely kissed her on the lips.

Suddenly, she pushed him hard. He quickly shot into action, blocking a stake from his heart. She had saved his life more times than one. He jumped back a few feet, looking at a black woman with short, tightly-curled hair. “So you’re the slayer. Been looking for you.”

The slayer glanced at Buffy. “Get out of here.”

Buffy raised a brow. “Why? Spike said I could watch.”

“What? He’s a vampire!”

“...yeah, I know.” She remembered to what Drusilla had once told her. People are afraid to be sent to the stars. It makes them fear vampires and want to kill them. The lady had to block Spike, and a fight commenced. Buffy heard a sound, and looked behind a bench. She knelt down, crawling behind it. A little boy, not older than three, looked up at her. “Hey,” she greeted.

“Mummy’s gonna get hurt,” he said, voice low and sad.

“My brother’s just gonna send her to the stars,” Buffy soothed. She pointed to the sky. “See all those dots? When she goes to sleep, permanently, she really goes up there. Then she’s free, and beautiful, and can see everything.”

The little boy shook his head. “Don’t wanna lose Mummy.”

And Buffy couldn’t imagine losing Darla. “It’s alright. I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

“Buffy!” The fourteen year old got to her feet. Spike and the slayer were a few yards apart. “Come here. We’re going.”


“Buffy. Now.”

“Fine, I’m coming!”

The lady watched disbelievingly when Spike held Buffy’s hand, the two jumping over the rail together. As if she had been doing it all her life, Buffy had landed in a crouched position, on her feet and completely fine.


“You didn’t kill her?” Angelus demanded.

“Was testin’ for weaknesses,” Spike explained. “Slayers are tough folks. Gotta learn them first.”


A week later, Buffy watched from a seat in a train as Spike fought the lady once more. She was intrigued when he finally killed her. He had nearly been killed multiple times. She did as she was told, not interfering even in the slightest. After what felt like hours, the lady had been killed.

And then Buffy felt it. A sudden strength, filling her form. “Oh, wow.” She took Spike’s offered hand.

“Feel any different?”

She pulled back her fist, punching a dent into the metal of the train. “Yeah, I do.”


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