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Spuffy Fanfiction

Fic: A twisted Perspective, Ch:1

Spuffy Fanfiction

Fic: A twisted Perspective, Ch:1

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Fic: A Twisted Perspective
Title: A Twisted Perspective
S/B (obviously), a background S/Dru, Angelus/Darla
PG-13 so far
A Buffy who was always caught when she lied, and pretty much sucks at lying or hiding the truth.
Main Summary: In a world where Angelus never lost his soul, he and his three family members are on a massacre. They find a baby, which Drusilla insists on keeping with them. What better way to keep safe from the slayer than to raise her?
Chapter Summary: The family of five finds a new home with an older Buffy
I don't own anything to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as you all should know. No ownage, I claim nothing.




Chapter 1

“We’re going to Sunnydale?” Angelus said, disbelievingly. “Darla, its days are longer than its nights.”

“It’s on a hellmouth,” Darla explained, “And the Master will be restored.”

“The Master? That ugly bat creature?”

“Don’t speak of him like that,” Darla ordered, without any true force. “He gave me new life.”

“Yet his own life is so old, he looks like a freak,” Angelus insisted. “And why the hell did we buy a house?”

“It was either that, or live underground with the Master,” Darla reminded. “We’re going to live here for a while. And Buffy wants to go to school.”

“What? With all those hormonal boys? They’ll have their hands all over her. She'll be raped!”

Darla rolled her eyes. “Do you have no faith in her? She was raised by our family, and has the strength of a slayer. She’s fifteen years old, and-”

“I win!” Buffy could be heard, loudly, from a neighboring room.

“Careful where you put that thing!” That would be Spike.

“It’s not real wood.”

Angelus rolled his eyes. “Someone tell them to shut up.”


“Remember,” said Angelus. “Humans will think you’re crazy if you talk about vampires, so don’t talk about them. You’re not allowed to kill anyone, but feel free to beat up any boy who looks at you wrong. If a man approaches you and starts talking about vampires and you being a slayer?”

“He’s part of the Watcher’s council and is supposed to be my Watcher,” she answered. “I won’t tell him about my family. He believes that vampires are evil, horrible creatures, and I’d be stupid to let him persuade me. His history books are twisted so they can show vampires as being evil. We’ve had this talk a billion times.”

“I need to make sure you know.”

Buffy sighed. “Do I have to walk to school, since it’s daylight?”

“Spike will give you a ride in that piece of junk he drives.”

“Hey, that piece of junk is what gets us around in the day!” Spike exclaimed, entering with Drusilla. “Dru, darling. Do you want to come?”

She closed her eyes for a moment, before shaking her head. Spike smirked when Buffy gave Angelus a hug, the other vampire loosely returning it. “I won’t get to see a massacre?”

“Nope. No massacres here,” said Spike, heading to the garage. Buffy followed after him. “Remember. Your name is Buffy Anne.”

“I know,” she said, rolling her eyes. She got into the passenger seat, tapping her fingers on the dash board. The window was painted black, only a slight rectangle clear so Spike could look out. “You know, it would be a lot easier if you’d just let me drive.”

“Told you, love. You’ve gotta pass a driving test n’ stuff first.”

“Why? We don’t do anything else legally.”

“It’s not for the sake of being legal. It’s to keep you safe. Last time I let you drive, you-”

“I know, I know. I ran over that man.”

“Exactly. We pick who we kill. We don’t kill them on accident. It's a waste of a good opportunity.”

She sighed. “Will you ever let that go?”

He pulled up before her school. “Probably not. Dru made this for you.” He handed her a brown lunch bag.

Buffy raised a brow, taking it from him. “You let her? Her food is always a bit... creative.”

“Get out, you,” he said, teasingly giving her shoulder a shove. “Go and make some human buddies. N’ remember, you’re better than them all.”


Buffy raised a hand above her eyes to keep it shadowed from the bright light. It was painful to her eyes, quite used to the darkness of night. Her pale, pale skin felt strange and tingly with the sun out. Chattering was all around her. It was weird to see people that were so... well... alive. And happy.

Actually, most of them looked troubled; but none were horrified.

Something suddenly rammed into her side, knocking her back a few steps. Great, she had spaced out. She should never give an opening! She found herself on her butt, stuff spilled all over. She wished Spike was with her.

Hands came down before her, helping to pick up her stuff, and she looked up into a boyish face. “Hey, sorry ‘bout this.”

“It’s alright...”

“Xander,” he informed, putting a few things in her bag.

“Buffy,” she greeted. “Today’s my first day.”

“Oh, that so? Well, maybe we’ll see each other, since we both go to school and all.”

She bit back a laugh. “Yeah, maybe.” She allowed him to help her up.


Mr. Flooty, the principal, looked at her permanent record. “Hmm... straight A’s in all subjects. You seem to have moved quite a lot, and have only been home schooled. Well, here at Sunnydale high, we’ll make sure you do just fine! Even if you’re not good at communicating.”


“I understand your dilemma. It’s quite common for...”


Buffy stood before her first period class at the teacher’s request. “Something about myself? I’ve moved a lot, so I’ve always been home schooled. This is my first time in a real school,” she informed, wondering why the guys were gazing at her so strangely. She had a feeling that she wasn’t allowed to punch them, despite what Angelus had said. Besides, the looks made her feel good somehow. Floaty. “I’ve been to New York, Los Angeles, and all over Europe.”

She was assigned a seat, finding herself between a pretty brunette and random guy. Her chair was uncomfortable and restricting. It was too bright. The atmosphere was too joyful. She wanted to play with Spike and Dru.

“...now open to page fifty five.”

Buffy bit her lip. She didn’t have a book. The girl next to her nudged her, and Buffy looked down. “We can share. You can always get your books from the library; they should have some extra,” said the girl, before introducing herself as Cordelia.

Buffy relaxed. So her chance at friendship wasn’t lost from lack of experience, after all. They left the class together, Cordelia asking Buffy a lot of questions. Buffy happened to fail the test.

“...alright, then. I guess you can learn,” Cordelia said, frowning for a moment. “Just remember. The Bronze is the cool place to be.”

She walked up to the water fountain.

Buffy watched as a lithe girl with the strangest colored hair leaned over the water fountain, strands falling over her shoulders like a water fall.

“Um, hello?” Cordelia demanded. “Move.”

The girl looked up, hazel eyes reflecting intimidation. “Right, sorry.” She cast a quick glance at Buffy, moving down the hall.

“Seriously, once you can tell the geeks just by looking, you’re good,” said Cordelia. Buffy wasn’t listening. That girl... why was Cordelia being so cruel? Daddy had said blood was blood, no matter who carried it. Some were more special than others, but he never said anything about shunning the less special ones. And only vampires were allowed to judge who was special.


Entering the library, she spotted a man behind the desk. “Hey. Buffy Anne, I’m new. Sort of need some books.”

“Buffy Anne?” he repeated, suddenly looking excited. “I have just the book you’re looking for.” He started searching for something under the desk, and Buffy wondered just how long it would take. He suddenly popped back up, dropping a big book on the desk before him. Vampyrs.

Buffy raised a brow. “I meant for school. I’m not in mythology or anything, sir.”

“Call me Giles,” he said.

“Right, Giles. Can you get me my school books? I really don’t feel any urge to read that thing.” Was this the man Angelus had warned her about? He must have been. Why else would he try to give her a book like that?

He started to collect other random books, setting them before him. “I don’t understand,” he said as he collected. “You’re the vampire slayer. Haven’t you slayed vampires before?”

“A few,” she admitted. “They were trying to harm my family, though.”

“Ah, your family. I trust they don’t know you’re the slayer?”

Buffy crossed her arms, judging how much she should tell him. “My dad would be mad if I told you anything.”

“Your... your father? Buffy, it is very important that no one knows who you are.”

“I know,” Buffy insisted. “Spike told me.”


“My older brother,” Buffy informed, exasperated. “I thought you knew about me.”

“I only know that you’re the slayer.”

“Well, I’m not going to just go around slaying them,” said Buffy. “We don’t kill lions for eating deer, do we?”

“Well, no, but-”

“But what? Vampires are any different?” Buffy demanded. “They need to eat to survive. The human population is too big anyways, so I don’t see what it matters. If Daddy tells me to kill a vampire, I will. Other than that? No.”

Giles furrowed his brow. “Buffy... What’s your father’s name? Is he a watcher?”

A watcher? Angelus? “No way. He’s not a stuffy old man like you.” She ignored the affronted look. “Do me a favor and leave me and my family alone. I don’t want anything to do with your stupid Watcher’s council.”

He watched, open mouthed, as she left. Why him? Why did he have to get the defective slayer?


Buffy walked around outside, looking for a place to sit. She paused, spotting the boy, Xander, from earlier. She took a seat on the step below the one he sat on. The girl who Cordelia had been rude to sat beside Buffy.

“Hey,” she greeted. “What are you doing, sitting with us and all?”

“I can’t sit with you?”

“Not if you want to hang out with Cordelia,” the girl replied. “Oh. Right. I’m Willow. And you’re Buffy, right?”

“Right,” Buffy agreed, feeling at home already. She watched as a lanky boy with a weird nose came up to them.

“Hey. You’re the new girl? I’m Jesse.”


“So,” said Xander, mischievously. “Have any deep dark secrets to tell us? Anything you keep under lock and key that you want to get out? Something we should know about?”

She felt flustered at the attention she was getting, for the first time she could remember. “It seems like everyone wants to know about me.”

“Well, we don’t get much news around here,” said Willow. “We’re just excited.”

“Are these nerds bothering you?”

Buffy looked up, spotting Cordelia. “Nah. We’re doing just fine.”


Buffy grudgingly went back to the library. She had been stupid enough to forget her history book. No, that Giles guy had probably not given it to her on purpose, so she’d have to come back. Entering the library, the man was leaning against his desk.

“I thought you said you wanted nothing to do with your calling.”

“I did,” Buffy insisted. “I need my history book, for history class. Not that stupid Vampyr book.”

“That stupid Vampyr book will tell you everything you need to know,” Giles said. “Tell me the history of vampires.”

“The world was ruled by demons, and then man came along. Something happened between a human and one of these creatures before they left the world, creating the first vampire. Then they multiplied,” she answered. “Mom taught me, since no one else had cared enough to learn.”

“Your mother taught you? How did she know?”

“Beats me,” Buffy answered. “Maybe she was there when it happened. She is pretty old.”

She watched as the man seemed to give up. “Fine. Do you know how to fight or use weapons?”

“Spike taught me all that.” Buffy picked at her nails, boredly. “Daddy taught me how to be all stealthy-like.”

“Your family seems well informed...”

“Yep. They are. They also told me not to tell you anything or trust you. So, no, I’m not following that stupid destiny thing and saving people from vampires. A vampire’s hungry, a vampire snacks. End of story.”


She walked out the door, slamming it behind her. Xander peeked his head out from behind the bookshelf. “What?”



Next Chapter: community.livejournal.com/spuffy_fics/250281.html
  • Do what you want. And its canon. Cannon is a weapon.
  • I like it so far. Interesting.
  • Fic: A twisted Perspective, Ch:1

    Well I hope only being home schooled won't give Buffy problems in school. Even if she had A's before. Giles isn't pleased about Buffy's attitude (lions).
    Sounds things will get interesting in the future.
    Looking forward to more.
  • Hee! This is the most hilarious re-write of BtVS I ever met!
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